About Us

About Us

Navdhan Group is one of the leading construction company situated at Oxford of East – Pune. The Group has mainly 3 companies, Navdhan Creator and Developers, Navdhan Suppliers and Navdhan Real Estate. Navdhan Creators and Devlopers provides world class building solutions to some leading construction companies and builders in the industry. Navdhan Creator and Developers undertake Turnkey projects like land development, Highways & Roads construction, Bitumen & Trimix Road Construction.

Our aim is to provide the best services to our clients to help them achieve their goals. Doing so we bring exceptional knowledge, skills and quality service in the field of Construction and Real Estate. We offer specialized construction services in Residential Apartments Building Construction, Civil Construction, Road Construction, All types of Playgrounds Construction, Real Estate Development, Commercial and Home Building Construction. Navdhan Suppliers supply construction materials in Pune and adjoining areas. The Group Company Navdhan Real Estate deals in sales and purchase of real estate properties across Pune and Maharashtra. Navdhan group has its own panel of Architects, Consulting Civil Engineers, Horticulturists, labour teams, Chartered Accountants, Admin Managers and panel of National and International Referee and Curators of Tennis, Basket Ball, Badminton, Cricket, Football and Hockey.

Navdhan Group is led by Mr Navnath Dhanwade, who is a national level wrestler, His dedication, passion and sheer discipline with never to die sportsmen attitude has been the driving force for the astonishing success of Navdhan Group. His exemplary abilities for detailing and quality made Navdhan Group a name to reckon in the Construction, Real Estate industry and Sports Fields.



  • Commitment to excellence.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Client First approach.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most trusted Construction Company. Our aim is to provide the best services to our clients to help them achieve their goals. Doing so we bring exceptional knowledge, skills and quality service in the field of Construction and Real Estate.



At Navdhan Group, quality comes first and with an efficient quality management system in place, we assure to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our customers, provide utmost safety and security, abide by the environmental, regulatory, statutory and contractual laws to meet all stakeholder’s objectives.


We exist together. The consideration of individuals and nature is basic to each endeavor. Each venture is precisely molded and an arrangement of measures intended for condition and task maintainability are connected. Plans are constantly made to weave in the current territory and greenery of place into the development without exasperating the environment. We have likewise gone to the degree of incorporating these components into the center engineering of the homes, making for a really extraordinary living knowledge.

    a. Drainage and Erosion Control

The characteristic nature of the territories is given unique inclination while arranging the undertaking. The assortment of trees, bushes and yards which are local to the site are meshed into the arrangement to limit the effect on the widely varied vegetation

    b. Material Safety

Diesel, water sealing chemicals, fly powder and other such material are painstakingly put away to avert arrive contamination.

    c. Construction Waste Management

Flotsam and jetsam and solid waste is utilized as a part of street and site leveling.

    d. Alternative Material

Assets like bond, steel, sand and timber are constrained. That is the reason we generally search for fitting choices or strategies to reuse them. This makes development effective and diminishes the natural effect.

    e. Energy Efficient Lighting

Arrangements of sun-based lights, CFL (or LEDs), clock-based auto control are made to decrease regular power utilization.

    f. Top Soil Conversion

Profitable dark cotton soil, uncovered amid development, is isolated from different flotsam and jetsam and given to nurseries for manor.

    g. Integrated Site Planning

Administrations like water supply, sewage treatment plant, gas bank, fertilizing the soil plant, and electrical lines are kept at a Safe operational separation from dynamic zones for simple upkeep.


We have always believed in giving it back to where it came from. That is why, as a part of our CSR initiative we constantly strive to contribute to aid the sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders.