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Building Grounds For Future World

Some of the fondest memories of our life are the school days. No wonder we all want to relive the golden says of our childhood. The most interesting fact is, every childhood story is woven around the school ground and activities we did on that school ground. Yes! School ground has played major role in building our childhood and what we are today.

Today, living in the busy lanes of life, the school ground has become more important than ever. Life is shrinking with each passing day, along with spaces of personal and professional importance are also vanishing. Today, we all want an open space; we want space for our mind and space for our body. And this is the reason why our mind keep visiting good old school days every now and then.

It was the space of the school ground so vast and open that the entire world could easily fit in to its compounded walls. This is the reason at Navdhan Group, we create best play grounds for schools and the new generation. We know that the Best of memories are created on the school sports ground. Champions, philosophers and leaders are made on the school ground.  Be it any sports or any activity, it is the perfectly planned and created school grounds that inspire and aspire new generation students. At Navdhan, we endeavor to offer students with spaces to create their own world. At Navdhan Group, inspiration comes from within as the company led by Mr. Navnath Dhanwade, who is a national level wrestler. When a sportsman leads the group then sports activity gets a new life. Some of the projects created by the company include PICT Model School in Balewadi, Pune

PICT College in Dhankavadi , Vipul Lunawat Sports campus where we built state of the art Synthetic and Clay Grounds . Visit the company’s website and explore the whole new world.


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